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11 Nov

What are the advantages of OLED over LCD?

      There are obvious differences between OLED and LCD in terms of light-emitting principle, color performance, power consumption, screen thickness and curvature, and service life. So what are the advantages of OLED over LCD?


      Advantages of OLED:


      1) The thickness can be made thinner, the weight is also lighter, it can be made flexible, and the application prospect is very good;


      2) Solid-state luminous material, no liquid material, so the seismic performance is good;


      3) The viewing angle is close to 180°, even if viewed at a large viewing angle, the picture is still not distorted and the brightness is not reduced;


      4) The response time is microseconds, and the LCD is milliseconds. There will be absolutely no smear in the display of moving pictures, especially when watching football games, there is no sense of delay;


      5) The low temperature characteristics are very good, and it can still display normally at minus 40 degrees, especially for military products;


      6) Two pieces of glass plus light-emitting organic matter, the manufacturing process is simple and the cost is lower;


      7) The luminous efficiency is higher and the energy consumption is lower, except for the white background, which is also the problem that the computer display cannot popularize the OLED display;


      8) It can be made transparent and used in helmets, navigation and other fields;


      9) It can be made into lighting products, with high luminous efficiency, close to sunlight;


      10) Bright colors, restore reality


      Generally speaking, because LCD is relatively cheap and is used in a large number of low-end products, the display effect is generally not very good. Therefore, if you do not have the ultimate pursuit of LCD, it is more suitable to choose OLED products.